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Data Production


Computer Vision

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A computer vision solution produces low cost
inventories and condition analysis
of infrastructure and surveillance.
Hours of manual work completed in a fraction
of the time.

Our Services

We provide services to simplify visual material management and automated data production. The service is tailored for infrastructure asset management, transport sector and maintenance. Learn more about our services from the following options. Find the way to make work more easy. Enhancing organisation´s knowledge management abilities.


Our RoadAI video and computer vision service enables inventories and condition surveillance of signalling and signs. It's the most cost efficient solution on the market providing the opportunity to enhance data production and manage entire networks with efficiency.

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Enabling the private and public maintenance and management sectors to have access to up-to-date visual material and obtain automated inventories of their most important asset. The easiest way to master the data inventories is available for you here.

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Need traffic signs inventoried? Our low cost system uses mobile phones for data production and computer vision for data extraction. Due to this system it is currently possible to acquire a spatial data production with minimal cost.

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Video Documenting

Smartphone application and intuitive map-based web interface provides a flexible solution for video documenting and reporting, suitable for professional and personal use.

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Vionice Solutions

We have delivered solutions to security, traffic infrastructure and environment sectors. Whether there is a need for mass, detailed, objective data production or need to benefit from the cost efficiency of automation. Vionice is the best option!

Intelligent Infrastructure Management

RoadAI service uses computer vision implemented into the software to detect, evaluate and register traffic infrastructure and furnitures status automatically. Achievable by using a smartphone to record the processes.

Features include annotation, audio and visual data collection. RoadAI allows the user to record, view, share and benefit from the road/rail network and possess enhanced control over the information flow and management

The automatic nature of RoadAI provides the opportunity to acquire up to date information effortlessly, making it the perfect tool for supervision and documentation

Intelligent Transport Systems

Vionice´s mobile application solution aims to provide up-to-date information for road traffic control and ITS purposes using existing traffic flows. The system has proven to effectively collect and share information on both road and rail networks.

Intelligent parking monitoring, camera controls and smart defect monitoring are typical computer vision use cases.

Surveillance and Security

If needed, a mobile solution for collecting video or images capable of filtering this material automatically. There is huge potential in making surveillance or security intelligence more effective through automation.

Tracking the movement in public areas and stores allows swift and accurate decision-making, based on the gathered knowledge.

Information is easy to visualise and to analyse with GIS software.

We are thrilled that numerous organisations get added value and benefit from using our services - feel free to join!

The Company

We are innovative team; As leaders in our field, we are committed to providing cost-effective ways and assured quality for automated data production

Our Team

At Vionice we have a small, well-knitted and determined team to seek and exploit the full potential of Vionice services and product capacities. We work close together and drive towards a common goal; to be the best and most productive in our field in terms of low cost data production and harnessing machine vision and intelligent sensors for cost-efficient automated inventories of infrastructure and defect detection, thus opening opportunities to enhanced asset management.

    Markus Melander

    / CEO, Co-founder

    Co-founder and CEO, serving others to enable them to perform their best. Motto: “If you do what your love, you don't need to work a day in your life”

    John Poole

    / Junior Sales Executive

    For the time period that I have been working in this company, I have gained lifelong experience and knowledge. I am delighted work with such a cooperative and results driven team. Vionice has allowed me to develop as a professional and a person.

  • Niko Kurvinen

    / Technology Development

    Vionice has allowed me to enhance my own capabilities as a professional and passionate of IT. The individuals I have the pleasure of working with are energetic and determined. There is a good atmosphere of team spirit and synergy.

    Mikko Haavisto

    / Technology Development, Co-founder

    As one of the founders and co-leader in the technology development section of this company, it is at my heart's best interest and that of my colleagues to assist and invest myself fully, in the goal of propelling Vionice to ever higher levels of success.

  • Ilari Pihlajisto

    / Technology Development

    I have now been working at Vionice for some time now. I truly feel part of a well-knit and productive team. Vionice fits in perfectly with my professional capabilities and ambitions, enabling me to exercise them in a shared goal of driving the company forward.

  • Petri Hienonen

    / Technology Development, Co-founder

    As the leader in the technology development department at Vionice, it is my responsibility to find new ways to achieve optimal results and the best of my team. By setting an example as a team member and it’s leader, ever striving towards higher limits.

    Lauri Rapo

    / Technology Development

    I am always determined and motivated to learn and develop my expertise in IT and software. I am a natural team player and working at Vionice allows me to hone my skill set, employ my strengths and expand my knowledge.

    Aleksi Kauppi

    / Sales Manager

    I feel entitled to work with very talented individuals. Each day at Vionice is different and I get a chance to exceed myself and develop myself as a professional, with the support of the team. The most inspiring part of playing in the Vionice team is to be able to provide our partners with our unique expertise and to experience their satisfaction.

Our personnel can do the recording and reporting during their everyday processes. The system support is perfect, economising time and resources. All the visual material is easily accessible.

- City of Lappeenranta -

Our Partners

We cooperate and provide our services to a wide variety of partners. At Vionice we strive to excel in providing the best of ourselves, our solutions and being open of mind to respond to our customers needs with efficiency and precision.

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